We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that they are someone today.

Stacia Tauscher

You cannot make people learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.

Vince Gowmon

Every day, in a 100 small ways, our children ask, ‘Do you hear me? Do you see me? Do I matter?’ Their behaviour often reflects our response

L.R. Knost

To take children seriously is to value them for who they are right now rather than adults-in-the-making.

Alfie Kohn

Bettws Early Learning Community in Newport, South Wales brings together local organisations to make sure that children in Bettws are getting the support they need to thrive, learn and grow up in a place they can be proud of.

Our partnership includes everyone involved in bringing up children today. This includes families, communities, the local council, Flying Start, housing associations, schools and teachers, health visitors and GPs, and local voluntary and community groups.

Our aim is to help everyone work together so services and activities are the best they can be for children’s needs and to ensure that every child can achieve their potential. This is a collaborative project to shape and design this approach and an exciting new way of working. This is why, alongside the projects and activities that are happening, we are also evaluating what we do. We want to learn what works and what could be improved. We want to understand what impact it’s having on children now and what difference it will make for them in their futures.

This is work in progress … but there’s a lot going on

This website is our record of what we are doing and what we are learning

Supported by Save the Children Wales and Save the Children UK

Bettws Early Learning Community is supported by Save the Children Wales and is a key part of Save the Children UK’s Early Learning Communities programme. The programme  brings together local services, organisations and families to create a support chain to make sure every child has the same chance to flourish.

Its mission is transform children’s early learning, especially children growing up in poverty, and to ensure help is on hand whatever stage of their development they need it.

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Poverty is the outcome of a complex system – unless we strive to understand that system better, including how its parts interact at different levels, we’re unlikely to find sustainable solutions to the problem.”

Chris Goulden

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Systems change is about addressing the root causes of social problems, which are often intractable and embedded in networks of cause and effect. It is an intentional process designed to fundamentally alter the components and structure that cause the system to behave in a certain way.”

London Funders

“Every child deserves the best start in life.  We need to work together to change the system so that we listen to families, make services work together, and come up with new ideas which help all children to thrive.  Our Early Learning Community here in Bettws is making a real difference for local families, and sharing what we learn to inspire others.”

Dan Paskins

UK Impact Director, Save the Children UK

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