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Our projects

The Covid-19 pandemic, with its lockdowns and restrictions on social interactions, had a significant impact on the development of the Early Learning Community’s work

After two years, with restrictions easing, Early Learning Community-led workstreams have restarted our project work with focused thinking on how we support children and their communities be more resilient and better able to adapt to change.

Despite the disruption of the last two years, we have been able to get on with some things:

  • We now have a Bettws Project Team – employed by Save the Children but working on the ground in Bettws
  • We can use the newly refurbished North Hub in the shopping centre on Monnow Way
  • We have mapped how and where children play in the area
  • Local agencies came together during the pandemic to assemble and distribute materials and kit for children’s learning and play

Our current work

Following the somewhat enforced beak caused by the Covid-19 pandemic  (2020-21) our partnerships-focused workstreams come together to address updated priorities:

Activities Flash

Ongoing engagement with families and professionals

The Project Officer role is an important step forward for the Bettws Early Learning Community – it gives a local presence and focus for ELC-related activities and communications. A key aspect has been the opportunity it has presented to make local connections, make the programme known more widely,  and find out who parents trust. It has been a linchpin in the development of our partnership programmes.

Contact our Project Officer K.Nott@savethechildren.org.uk

Biscuit Club

Our Bettws Project Officer developed the Biscuit Club, now based at Bettws in Bloom, and Ysgol Gymraeg Ifor Hael Coffee Club as informal weekly catch-up groups where parents can meet, socialise, and discuss any issues that they may have. They are opportunities for the Project Officer to advise, suggest useful tips, and referrals to other agencies. We can also organise group  training on useful topics and social activities.

The groups are also a useful opportunity for parents to feedback to the Project Team about issues that concern them or respond to requests for consultation.

“Biscuit club has helped me feel confident with my children and being able to have a lovely group of mums to chat to and enjoy all the activities has been so enjoyable” Bettws parent, 2021

As of March 2022, these coffee clubs will be running at Millbrook School and Monnow School. Contact our Project Officer for details.

Early Years Grants Programme

Save the Children provides Early Years Grants to families who have children aged 0 to seven and are experiencing financial difficulties.  The grants are up to the value of £340 and can be used for white goods, supermarket vouchers and early years packs.  They aim to support families with immediate needs in communities, ensure the continuity of children’s early learning and minimise inequalities in the home learning environment. They provide families living in poverty with the essential items they need and minimise further financial pressures on families who are already vulnerable. We are able to use these interactions with children and families to hear their voices and understand how they have been impacted.

Families can apply for the grants through our referral partners.

“We have really appreciated the Save the Children Emergency Grants we have been able to allocate. They have been such a lifeline for some of our families due to the speed in which they can receive the products. Also as the grant is not means tested we are quickly able to assess the family’s needs ourselves without waiting for documentation to prove they are in crisis. Families have been overwhelmed that they have received such support when they needed it the most”

Nicola Davies

Delivery Manager, Newport City Council

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