What is the change we want to see?

Drawing from our learning about systems change and our Bettws ELC principles, we believe good practice will look something like this:

1. Shared vision and purpose. We work with local community anchor organisations who “own” the concept and have commitment from all stakeholders – with positive change for children at the centre

2. Systems mindset. We have a shared commitment to work together and an understanding of and engagement with the idea that different organisations, processes and procedures around the child and family are interconnected within a “system

3. Shifting power to families. The overall programme approach is informed by meaningful engagement with insight from families, and individual families can shape the support they receive through co-production  

4. Trusted, collaborative relationships. Partners invest in building relationships and trust as a foundation for the delivery of support and longer-term change

5. Integrated support. Partners collaborate to deliver co-ordinated and integrated support to families in the ELC target area

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6. Shared governance and accountability. Collaborative governance – the Project Board – of the ELC leads to effective coordination, reinforced by an assumption that partners share accountability for the outcomes and for building the conditions to deliver them

 7. Aligned funding and resources. Furthermore, collaborative governance leads to effective co-ordination – partners allocate and pool appropriate resources as and when needed for effective delivery

 8. Systems leadership. Leadership is a collective activity. Everyone involved in the ELC’s vision is mobilised to deliver the vision and are enabled by those in positions of authority

 9. Culture of evaluation and learning that enables adaption. Partners reflect on progress and use what they are learning to influence further decision-making, partners adapt their approach based on what they learn

 10.  Shared data and information. Insights from population level data, individual (child/family level) data, and information about the experience of children/parents/families are collected, shared and used effectively across the system

What is the  change we want to see?

Change for children and families:

  • Improved communication and language development
  • Improved social and emotional development

Change for the system:


  • A system that collaborates to make decisions based on evidence and families voices
  • A collaborative system with increased shared vision, collaborative use of resources, data, learning

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