How are we changing the system for families in Bettws?

These are the things we will be evaluating

Change for children and families:

  • Improved parental confidence using play as a tool for development
  • More opportunities for peer support and connection
  • Improved school readiness
  • Improved parental confidence about the transition to school
  • Improved parental wellbeing
  • Improved relationships and bonding within families
  • Families better able to find the right support at the right time

Changes for the system:

  • More collaboration across the system
  • A shared approach to designing trauma-informed services for Bettws
  • Increased sharing of data and learning across organisations
  • A system which is easier to navigate for parents and professionals
Change flash

Understanding systems-level change

New Philanthropy Capital and Collaborate are working with all the Early Learning Communities across the United Kingdom to help us understand the conditions that are needed to influence outcomes at a system level.

We are using a Maturity Matrix Model which identifies ten conditions which enable and support change in early learning systems. It has four different levels of maturity for each system condition:

  1. Emerging
  2. Developing
  3. Maturing
  4. Thriving

And offers a description of what each of these stages of development would look like within the Early Learning Community.

The Project Board will review the findings and recommendations from our local NPC/Collaborate evaluation in March 2022 and this will help us understand where we are making progress at a systems level and where we should focus our attention.


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