The Embrace Project

In our ELC, we know that social, emotional and mental health are contextual. This means that they are determined by the conditions in which we are born, grow, work, live, and age.
We believe that you cannot understand mental health without first considering somebody’s circumstances, relationships and environments.
We know first-hand that growing up in households facing acute and/or chronic poverty, and where parents experience mental health problems, can lead to negative mental health and other outcomes for children.
We also know that reducing parental stress enhances opportunities for attachment, bonding, play and verbal exchanges between parent and child.
Too often when we talk about mental health we focus on the individual and we ask, “What’s wrong with you?”. The most useful question is, “What’s happened to you, in your family and community?”
The aims of the Embrace project are to; improve child and parents mental health and wellbeing outcomes, to explore how to provide support and services that are trauma-informed, community-led, healing and culturally sensitive, to develop a self-healers movement (adult peer to peer support network) and to use storytelling for systems change by co-developing a place-based approach to understanding need and improving community wellbeing and resilience in Bettws.  
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