The home environment, and play in particular, is are key to learning in the early years. Before children start school, most of their learning is done at home and in the local community through play and social interactions with caregivers and others. Click here for a Play toolkit!

How can I help my child?

  • Model clear language
  • Speak calmly
  • Make eye contact – try and get down to the children’s level
  • Repeat sentences back to children, replacing mistakes with corrections
  • Continue to describe and comment throughout daily life activities
  • Comment on what the children are doing
  • Listen carefully to when the children are talking to you – try to be patient and allow children time to find their words and construct sentences.
  • Be mindful of asking lots of questions – instead try and describe what they are doing
  • Praise



    Some activity ideas:

    • Read story books together daily – a few minutes every day really helps!
    • Show and tell – can you show me your drawing? What, why, where questions
    • Sing Nursery Rhymes together
    • Role play activities – playing house etc

    For lots more ideas click here!

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