Bettws ELC Principles & Processes

Our principles

Drawing on the learning from previous examples we have convened seven principles for our work in Early Learning Communities and in Bettws:

1. Clarity of place. We work in a defined neighbourhood

2. Long-term shared strategyWe make a long-term commitment to make sustainable change

3. Community strengths. We recognise local strengths, harness, and develop them

4. Local autonomy. We know people who live and work in the local community have the power to make a difference

5. Anchor organisations. We work with organisations and leaders within the community who are committed to a common vision, investing and championing new ways of working

Principles flash

6.  Multi-agency approach. We convene new partnerships and alliances with organisations across the system – with what matters to children at the heart of all we do

7. Dedicated support. A convening organisation is the catalyst for systems change by providing administrative and project management support, able to share evidence and learning within local anchor organisations and wider community, connecting with other communities, disseminating good practice.

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