What is systems change?

Systems change – what do we mean?

To make a long-term sustainable difference to children’s lives in Bettws, we recognise that individual organisations and services will each only ever be able to provide part of the solution. What is needed is for the “whole system” – all the organisations and agencies – around the child and family to collaborate and cooperate better.

We think this is a good way of explaining a system:

A system is “a set of things — people, cells, molecules or whatever — interconnected in such a way that they produce their own pattern of behaviour over time”

System Diagram

So – the “things” in this case include parents & families, schools, nurseries and other childcare, employers, the “benefits system”, GPs, health visitors and other NHS services, Newport Council services, housing associations and other landlords, and so on…

Systems Change – as a methodology

Systems change means all these components, the “things”, need to work together differently to produce a new pattern of behaviour which in turn will make the system work better for children in Bettws as they grow up.

What difference would it make?

For families

  • No “wrong door” – by accessing one sort of support, for example, asking your Health Visitor about your baby’s development, you could then be referred to other services such as nutrition advice, food bank vouchers – and you only have to tell your story once
  • Contributing your experiences to services so they meet your needs better
  • Building up local support in our area – having local people to turn to
  • Easier transitions between services and settings

For public, voluntary and community sector agencies

  • Sharing information so that all organisations working with a family know them and their story
  • Understanding the local community better and using evidence to drive service development
  • Working with partners they might not have collaborated with otherwise
  • Pooling funding or other resources under shared mission and strategy

Supporting children in Bettws to grow and achieve – our systems model

Improve Speech Diagramme

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