Voices for Bettws – V4B

Understanding the needs of families in the community so we can provide the best possible support is integral to everything we do in Bettws Early Learning Community, that’s why our Voices 4 Bettws (V4B) group is so important.

Voices 4 Bettws is a group of parents who come together every three weeks, to raise their voices and represent others in the community about issues and decisions that impact them and their children.

The group has a way of working, which was discussed and agreed by everyone, which includes, ensuring respect is given to everyone, that it is a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space, that confidentiality is maintained where possible and to ensure that everyone is heard.

This group is about listening to parents and what’s important to them and their family, identifying gaps and challenges, seeking out opportunities to overcome or innovate, closing those gaps to give all children the same life chances. The group also influences and generates change to existing processes.

The more voices that contribute to this group, the more powerful it will become, so if you’re interested in becoming involved please contact Robyn (Partnership Lead)  – Ro.Obrien@savethechildren.org.uk.

The group meets every 3 weeks,  on a Monday, 9.30am-11.30am and Ysgol Gymraeg Ifor Hael. Please contact Robyn to confirm dates.


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