What are we learning?

Developing the Bettws Early Learning Community

Work on the Bettws ELC started in 2019 when around 100 local and national organisations came together to review the needs of families in Bettws, set them in the context of local data, regional, national and international policies for child development, an evidence toolkit, and the direct experiences of those living and working in Bettws.

This methodology was informed by our learning from previous programmes. Where did the idea come from? but we also need to understand and learn from what we’re doing as we go along. Therefore, in our Early Learning Community we are embedding a culture of learning – this learning is the golden thread running through everything that we do. It is a continuous process that underpins how we work together to bring about change in the Early Years system.

It helps us understand the current context in Bettws, shapes our activities, and understand whether we are seeing the outcomes we hope to see for individual children and families and the wider Early Years system.

Developing a learning culture

Testing ideas, piloting new ways of doing things and learning from what we are doing all help us support children and families in Bettws better, by

  • Understanding the needs of children and families in Bettws over time
  • Understanding the impact we are having for children and families over time
  • Understanding what’s working well? What’s working less well?  What do we want to change?
  • Shaping new interventions, new projects
  • Testing new ways of working together across the system – with families and with organisations
  • Sharing good practice and learning from others

Bettws ELC – Theory of Change, changes in theory

Throughout 2019 over 100 local and national organisations, along with community residents, co-created a “theory of change”. This set out in a logical way, the problems identified, the potential solutions, and the outcomes we want to achieve:

the First 1001 days diagram

Now we have been working through the issues, delivering projects and evaluating the differences we’re making, we can be clearer about how the system works and we have updated our Theory of Change.

Our Theory of Change

Having a Theory of Change helps us to articulate the change we want to see, and how our activities will help us get there. Reviewing our Theory of Change regularly helps us to reflect on our aims and plans and the impact we are making.

The theory of change diagram

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