Who is involved & what are we doing?

Who is involved and what do they do?

Over 30 organisations who provide public services in and around Bettws have come together with local residents and parents to make the changes we want to see for children and families. These organisations are now part of a Project Board – guiding the whole programme – and task and finish groups to develop projects and activities to meet specific objectives. They are supported by Save the Children UK.

Bettws ELC – governance

BELC is governed by a Project Board of representatives of all the organisations whose work touches on the life of a child, and includes:

  • Newport City Council, in particular the North Hub group who are now based in Bettws
  • Newport City Homes, the biggest housing association in Bettws
  • Pobl, the other main housing association
  • The three primary schools in and around Bettws,
  • Flying Start, a Welsh Government Programme aimed at improving the life chances of children living in some of the most disadvantaged areas in Wales
  • The Police,
  • The health service
  • And GAVO, bringing the voice of voluntary and community organisations in Gwent

The Project Board sets the strategy for the ELC programme, reviews progress and outcomes, and guides delivery. In line with the overarching intentions of the Early Learning Community ethos, the project board is also developing to be a community of reflective practice – learning – for these local leaders to consider how the existing “system” can be enhanced and shifted to better meet the needs of children and families.

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Developing the Bettws Early Learning Community

In 2019 Save the Children developed a toolkit based on prior research and evidence which gave us a structure for consulting with partner organisations and families and developing the project. The toolkit:

  • Draws together conversations across all Early Learning Communities
  • Provides a process and a template for developing an Early Learning Strategy for Bettws
  • Provides a tool for engaging with local, national and international evidence on improving early learning outcomes which has been compiled by Save the Children UK
  • Provides resources and expertise
  • Enables us to continuously reflect, test and learn

Bettws Early Learning Community workstreams

In order to get moving on joint working and encourage different organisations and personnel to collaborate, the programme kicked off in 2019 with three workstream groups:

WORKSTREAM ONE – Improving attachment and parental wellbeing

  • Complementing Flying Start with a focus on 0 to three year-olds.

WORKSTREAM TWO – Safe places to play and meet to improve mental wellbeing

  • Mapping, valuing and better utilising spaces.
  • Community hub.
  • Creating a Bettws team.
  • Norms and expectations for play and health.

WORKSTREAM THREE – Building positive news, social cohesion and trust in services

  • Developing positive news and narrative
  • Utilising & improving the physical space

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